Multi-Adjustable Width Bariatric Self-Propelled Shower Commode
This chair combines the functionality of a shower seat, the convenience of a commode seat and the transportation ease of a wheelchair. Provides maximum comfort and has the best safety and convenient way for caregivers and users to transfer or to self propel.

Self‐Propelled Shower Commode Chair offered by FOREVERYOUNG is the new designed to fit over most standard toilet seats, are equipped with quality quick release rear wheels and two front locking casters. It has the most effective Multi-sizes in One, adjustable seat width setting from 18" to 24" for different user's size. . The shower commode chair may be simply and easily assembly so it can be used as a travel shower chair. The chair evolved into every day-use shower wheelchairs that simply pack-up and roll-away whenever you’re ready to go. Super convenient, easy assembly and disassemble without any tools. One Does All Functions