FOREVERYOUNG Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Has long dedicated to the manufacturing of Home Care & Medical Products. Since 1991, we have unceasingly sought to improve the liveli-hood of the elderly and the physically disabled. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the healthcare industry, our innovations thrive on the concept of durability, uniqueness, and convenience. As an OEM/ODM manufacturer, we excel in the development and construction of products ranging from Bathroom Safety, Living Aid to Ambulatory and Rehabilitant Equipment.

With great excitement and passion to promote globally, our products have successfully entered the Japanese market, one known to be in high demand of quality and innovation.In recent years, we have also established ourselves in the European, and U.S. market, as well as in the Middle East. To provide for the world market , our products are mostly patented and all of our products meet the ISO 13485, CE, and FDA international standards.

Our R&D department has long committed to the research and development of the healthcare products in the interest of those in need . Our ergonomically designed multifuctioned Shampoo Commode Chair, one of our greatest achievements, has gained widespread popularity among our customers. OEM manufacturing and innovative development is our strongest asset. By putting ourselves in the users' shoes, products designed by our professional team seek to maximize comfort with features including: high quality, soft PU recyclable foam, lightweight, easy to clean, easy access and operation. The foldable function, detachable legs, and easy set-up with no tools required fuction of our products enable easy storage and faciliate transportation.These are altogether important factors to make life easier for the users. We take the well-being of those in need as our main objective and safety our top priority.

Until today, we are constantly developing a wide range of innovative health care products. Foreveryoung seeks to maintain a strong competitive edge with focus on building a long term relationship for customer satisfaction. We strive to understand the customers' needs and we also provide the best sourcing solution for customers to find wide variety of sports, medical, home care and health care products. With our product knowledge, best quality control and management, customers can be assured of receiving products of top quality in the global industry of home care and medical equipment.

Our mission is to improve the quality lifestyle, mobility and safety for people. We take it as our personal concern that people with needs be treated with dignity and respect.

If you have futher interest please contact our experienced and friendly team at We look forward to provide you with our most attentive services.